Terms of service and warranty

You the customer acknowledge and agree to the following terms of service:

1. Our products are not ADR/DOT approved and we're not liablefor any defects or fines brought upon you by any law enforcement agency.

2. All headlights are bench tested before shipping and video and photos are taken as proof. We are not liable for any damages caused by improper installation or misuse. Incorrect installation includes not water proofing electronic components, cutting of wires, mishandling and short circuiting.  

3. Warranty will only be provided to modded parts once they are installed back on the vehicle properly and proof of them working are sent in to us. Products that have been installed incorrectly will not be refunded or replaced. Our liability is limited to the value of the invoice

4. If you are in another state/country and or is in Victoria and chooses to send the headlights in, you are responsible for any additional cost associated with any future warranty claims such as shipping and having them removed by a mechanic or panel shop. 

5. All sales are final across all of our headlight and taillight products and we DO NOT accept returns. We can only exchange taillights for the same model taillights if there is a defect which needs to be verified via photo and video proof.

We recommend professional removal and installation of the headlights and we are not liable for any damage incurred from self installation. In some instances, coding may be required for the headlights for all features to function 100% correctly. Coding and associated fees are the responsibility of the vehicle owner.

6. Once you placed an order on modded headlights, there will be no refund.

7. Each headlight retrofit we offer features a 1 year warranty which covers against any defects related to service performed by Luminance Autowerke. This warranty only covers the original buyer of the service and cannot transfer to future owners. After 30 days of receiving the retrofitted Luminance Autowerke headlights, the customer is required to pay for shipping costs related to warranty repair work; we take care of the warranty related service as well as the return shipping costs for Australian customers. International customers are required to pay for shipping costs to us and return shipping.

8. We always strive to provide quality products, but some times this is out of our control when it comes to manufacturers defects, we will work with you to provide a solutions when and if this occurs.